Going On

Written by Vincent Borst, September 22, 2001

As it is so hard to believe, it is true.

As real as real can get, nightmares come true.

How hard it is to understand.

As empty it will always be.

Pain so strong, with no sign of relief.

As I go on my heart bleeds badly for you.

As I walk into the next day I will always look back,

To see you, to hear you, to talk to you.


Going on is what has to happen and will.

Going on I must guide my family.

Going on but never forgetting my friend.

As I go on my heart bleeds badly for you.

Pain so strong, with no sign of relief.

The emptiness will always be there.


Going on but never forgetting you, my friend.

Going on and always seeing you.

Going on and always hearing you.

Going on and always looking back.

Never forgetting you.

You and your family will always be in my heart and prayers.

God bless you.

Township names street in honor of 9/11 victim

EDISON – Family and friends of Edward T. Strauss gathered Saturday morning on the street where he used to live.

The township honored Strauss that morning in a fashion usually reserved for veterans of American wars – they named a street after him.

But Strauss never served in the armed forces. His was a different type of sacrifice.

Sentinel Article

Like Father, Like Son

Ed Strauss, the youngest son of Eddie, is following in his father’s footsteps when it comes to helping others. He recently received the Woodbridge Township Mayor’s Youth Volunteer Award.

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Fallen Heroes to get 9/11 Medals

Thirteen Port Authority civilian employees and 37 Port Authority Police Officers were given a special 9/11 heroes “Medal of Valor” posthumously by President Bush in Washington, D.C. Port Authority officials successfully lobbied to get the employees’ families the medals because the 13 individuals provided critical electrical, structural, mechanical and operations information to police and fire officials during the evacuation that saved thousands. Officials said their role has been little known by members of the general public.

Eddies family, including his wife, 2 sons, and mother attended the ceremony and received the medal together.

Eddie’s son and wife George W. Bush
Eddie’s family Eddie’s son with Laura Bush
Eddie’s son with George W. Bush