Eddie Strauss loved the Eagle. He was captivated by its appearance, its bearing, what it stood for. He felt it was a majestic animal. He maintained a collection of eagles…the porcelain kind. He saw the Eagle as the most visible sign of America’s strength. Eddie was most of all, a Patriot.

When you saw Eddie, many of these same traits came to mind. Growing up he was the biggest, strongest kid on the block. Thighs like tree trunks, a 22-inch neck, his imposing size belied the teddybear he really was. He was the kindest man who responded to any call for help.

The words; with Eddie’s help says it all. In life, Eddie spent many hours quietly helping people. Whether it was using his physical strength to lend a hand, or his inner strength to lend his heart, the most important thing to Eddie was helping people. He lived by the credo instilled in him by his parents, “It’s not what you accumulate, it’s what you do for other people”.

We have attempted to include all these traits in our logo. Eddie’s beloved Eagle in majestic flight soaring above the mountain tops with wings of strength. And Eddie’s lifelong efforts to help others.