Thanks to the generosity of people like yourself, “With Eddie’s Help”, Inc. has been able to provide funds that have:

  • Enhanced the lives of over 226 Patients, Families and Charitable Organizations in 28 states and Israel by providing necessary funds to purchase equipment, support, and resources.
  • Awarded two scholarships annually to graduates of John F. Kennedy High School, Eddie’s alma mater.
  • Aided organizations in caring for and feeding the homelss and less fortunate among us.

These are but a few of the charitable works we’ve become involved in because people like you believe in what we are doing.

We will continue to spend the majority of our time and money assisting ALS patients and their families, but we will always follow our mission of seeking out opportunities to improve the lives of children and adults by providing financial assistance wherever and whenever possible to enhance opportunities for others to have a better life.