Our Mission

“With Eddie’s Help”, Inc. is a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation established in honor of Edward. T (Eddie) Strauss who was lost in the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Eddie was a courageous and generous person who spent a great deal of his time helping other people. 

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Our Logo

Eddie Strauss loved the Eagle. He was captivated by its appearance, its bearing, what it stood for. He felt it was a majestic animal. He maintained a collection of eagles…the porcelain kind. He saw the Eagle as the most visible sign of America’s strength. Eddie was most of all, a Patriot.

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Eddie’s Story

It was not supposed to happen. It was not possible. This was a man that was larger than life, both figuratively and literally. We thought he was invincible. We thought the towers he loved so dearly were invincible. What we did not count on was the madness of modern day evil.

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Board Of Directors


Jay Strauss


Charles F. Cerria, Esq.

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Charles Barberi
Barbara Eicholtz

Michael Farley
Marie Fisher
Adria Schaefer
Lisa Singer
Justin Strauss
Vincent Strauss